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Sitting Down with Stand-Up Guys

Aug 25, 2015

This week's guest is Jamie Jirak. When she's not watching Fraiser or Cheers, you can catch her hosting at the pH Comedy Theatre in Andersonville.

Aug 18, 2015

I sat down with a group of summer campers at The Ancona School in Hyde Park. I asked the kids to write about the time that they laughed the hardest, then "stand-up" and tell everyone about it.

Aug 11, 2015

James Adomian (Comedy Bang! Bang! & @Midnight) was in Chicago for the Comedy Exposition and George Pira was fortunate enough to sit down with him for an hour. In a car. 

Aug 4, 2015

Martin Morrow is everywhere. He's at The Laugh Factory. He's at Second City. He's on television. He's one of the Comedians You Should Know.

But today, he's on Sitting Down With Stand-Up Guys.